03.22.20Jeff Hoersch

Hello - I inquiring to find out through which galleries I may be able to find your work? I’m familiar with the Door County gallery that shows your work, but is that the only gallery? Or may I purchase directly from you / your gallery as well?

Thanks for you insights.



03.12.20Samira Kang

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02.14.20Tiffani Layne


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02.09.20Laurie Tebon

Hi Judi. We would be interested in knowing size and price of Reflective 1. It would be a great compliment to a painting we already own from you. Thanks. Laurie Tebon

01.24.20Betsy Walker

Good Morning,
I have always enjoyed viewing your work at Edgewood Orchard. It warms my hear and puts me right in the space you are sharing.

I’m curious to know where I might find pricing of your works. I am also curries to know if you also sell prints of your work.

Thank you what you do, and for answering my questions.
Betsy Walker

12.30.19Judi Ekholm

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions . thank you
239 450 7136
Judi Ekholm

12.29.19Maggie Rathert

Judi, we just had our yearly gathering of the Door County Belles plus their spouses. I’d love to email a photo of the crew in front of your treasured painting. I asked them if they recognized where the spot was...immediately our friend Pam said Kangaroo Lake! We love it SO much. Thank you for your amazing creation. PS When we told them it was our 5 year cancer-free celebration gift to ourselves there were hugs and tears. ❤️

11.06.19Kaye Humber

Is your painting “Beyond Blue" still available?
Thank you,

10.11.19Rayford Milliman

Hi There,

Are you currently using Wordpress/Woocommerce or maybe will you project to work with it at some point ? We provide much more than 2500 premium plugins and additionally themes free to download : http://unfic.xyz/wKF0x



10.10.19Deb Rolfs

Hello Judi.

Just wanted you to know that I love, love your work! Do you ever teach workshops? Also, would you mind sharing your palette of colors and favorite brands of paints? I would love to take a class from you!

Deb Rolfs

09.28.19Laurie Tebon

Hi Judy. We have a beautiful painting created by you of lily pads, water & weeping willows and would love to purchase a complimentary piece in the size of approximately 28" horizontal x 16 high. Can send photo of existing painting. Please be in touch. Laurie Tebon #414-325-8985

09.10.19Frank Capozzi

Hi Judi. It was great to see you at the Market. We are glad you are back in DC at least part of the time. The Miller Art Museum contacted us regarding including our ‘Judi’ paintings in your show there. They said the 6’x4’ is too big for them but they would like to show the smaller piece. You gifted us that piece so we have no paperwork for it, and no idea of the value. How would you like us to handle their request? It sounds like they need enough information to insure the painting while it is in their possession. You can call us at 920-854-9627 or 920-495-6664. Thanks! Frank & Jane

08.23.19Delilah Reinhard


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07.18.19Eugenio Cruse

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03.02.19todd parrish

Hello Judi!
We\'ve admired your work for years and enjoyed a conversation with you a few years back in your Door County home/gallery! We\'re now looking for a piece that would measure on the larger size about 50 inches wide. Your pieces titled \"Reflective,\" \"Deep in Woods,\" \"Dragonfly Summer,\" \"Prairie,\" and \"Together Again\" truly caught our eye. Might any of these measure as we hope? We\'ll look forward to hearing back from you!

Shelley & Todd Parrish



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12.10.18Thomas Bradley

I am interested in purchasing one of your paintings we saw up in Door County Wisconsin

12.10.18Thomas Bradley

I am interested in purchasing one of your paintings we saw up in Door County Wisconsin

11.15.18Anna Green

I must say what you have accomplished with your website is quite nice. If you had more people on your site could you handle it?

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09.25.18Karen Porter

I was wondering if you sell smaller items like painted files or prints of your work

07.22.18Todd parrish

Hi Judi- we’ve seen a lot of your work at Edgewood, and in fact visited you at your fish creek studio before you moved. We’re looking for a piece about 45 wide and 35 high. We can’t tell from your website the dimensions, and they don’t all have names, so we can’t ask you. Is there an easy way for us to tell sizes? For example: “together again?"

The Edgewood site has dimensions, but we haven’t yet found one that isn’t already sold that might work.

Thanks, Hope you love Florida. 414-861-5631

04.06.18cathy isaak

Your artwork is very nice! Love the colors and the softness...:) Hope to see you soon on a dog walk.
best regards, cathy isaak

03.18.18Bryan Troutman

Hi Judy. Are you back in DC? Did you have a chance to do any paitings of Charlotte Harbor/Boca Grande this winter? Bryan

02.18.18Linda kloss

I have enjoyed your art for years in Door County. I now live in Vero BeCh and am interested in your work for outdoors. Can you give me size and price for the “Memories" painting?
Thank you
Linda Kloss
773 230-0501

05.21.17Kevin Swanson

5072541617. Please call me. Interested in your work shown in Gulfshore magazine. Thank you. We are here until Monday evening.

07.28.16Tim Getschow


I am the son of Mary (Cammy) Getschow. and I am looking for a specific peice that I believe went up for auction in Door County about 2-4 years ago. I believe it was a painting of Ellison Bay and I am curious if there is a print available to look at / purchase. Thank you for your time.


06.03.16margaret morrissette

Hi Judi;
I will be up in door county next weekend and was going to Edgewater Galleries to look at the outdoor paintings you do and see if they have any. Its for our master bath so thought this would work. Do you still have artwork up there? Let me know and I hope all is well. kInd regards, Margaret

05.20.16gloria heck

HI Judi-
Hope all is good, we miss you in Fish Creek. I looked at your work and did not see the photo that you had of just orange poppies? I remember iseeing just the flowers no other real background stuff? Do you have if so can you send a picture of it?


04.06.16John Carpentier

We have a large oil painting of the Algoma, Wisconsin harbor dated 1961 and signed R. Ekholm. We were wondering if you would have any knowledge as to who painted it?
Thank You & God Bless, John & Lisq

03.27.15william kyser

You are a great artist, however my wife and I are much retired. Do you sell large prints?

02.08.15Laura S

Hello Judi! I've loved your artwork for years. I'm a budding artist, and I wondered if you ever teach classes or do demonstrations? I would love to see how you create your masterpieces! :) Thank you!
-Laura Sprtel

12.03.14Mike Mattson

I would like to order a book. please call me 847-612-2581

11.03.14Susie Opp

Hi Judi,

I'm interested in finding out about availability of Bob Ekholm's artwork. He is my uncle and Carrie Lee Kouri is my mom. I'd love to have a piece that Uncle Bob painted. Is there a book of his artwork?

I'd appreciate any information you can give me.

Thanks so much,
Susie Opp

09.21.14Cheryl sengstock

Hi Judi,
We have purchased one of your beautiful paintings in the past from the Orchard Gallery. We love looking at it every day! I have seen another one that I like and have a special place for it. The name of the painting is Wildflower Patch. What are the dimensions of this painting and the cost?

Thank you,

08.08.14Susie Mcmillian

My parents bought an oil painting of some holly hock flowers many years ago.
I\'ve always loved it and would like something similar for my home.

06.14.14becky schultz

Thank you so much for your beautiful work. I am a big fan for some time. Becky ( carol Schmidt,s friend)


Please let me know if the painting "Reflective" is still for sale, its framed dimensions, and cost (including shipping to Chicago).

Thank you


I am interested in finding out if the "dance, dance, dance" piece is still available.

Thank you,

03.07.14stephanie anderson

I've admired your work in the yearly Edgewood Orchard Galleries calendars and at the gallery. Are any of your original pieces available as prints?

02.22.14Mary Keller

Do you sell prints of any paintings?
My favorite is Falling in Love.

12.07.13Connie Richards

Saw the blue flax meadow on
Facebook.....what is the size and the price....I am interested. Thanks..Connie

12.05.13Mark Behmer


Nice work. I am an oil painter and my niche is sporting art. I am a friend of the Ritters in Glen Ellyn, IL and Marv mentioned you have coasters made of your work. Could you send me contact info of the company that makes your coasters?

I was in a show up in Eagle River the summer before last and someone was selling this service there and I wasn't interested at the time.

I would appreciate it much. Thank you.

Mark Behmer
Iron Road Studios
phone: 630.440.5121
website: http://www.ironroadstudiosart.com/

11.15.13Kathy Rosenheimer

I wonder where I can view your work: I am particularly interested in a large painting. I am in Door County for the weekend, though I know that the Edgewood Gallery is closed for the season. IF you get this message and can reply by phone, my number is 414-477-8563
Thanks - Kathy

10.29.13chris gretchko

Hi Judi,

We own 3 of your painting purchased at The Gold Coast Art Fair in Chicago so long ago that I don't care to think about it. I still get mad about the one that got away. You created some vertical painting of gladiolas in 1989-91 ish that we loved but couldn't afford. Just a note to say that we love your work and are glad to see you doing well.

Chris and Allan Gretchko

09.24.13Joyce Iannotta

Hello we stopped in your gallery last week and now to your website. We wanted to inquire to see if August Baileys Harbor or similar painting with blues and greens is available for sale


09.24.13Sheila Fisher

Hi Judi. I'm interested in purchasing some of your tiles and wondered if you could send photos, sizes, and pricing. Thank you.

08.15.13Kim Winkel

Last week I stopped at your gallery and was disappointed to not find you home. Do you have a price list of your painting sizes. And do you ever do horses? I live in Neenah and rarely make it up to DC, do you sell anywhere else?

08.12.13Sylvia Miller

Very interested in Remeber the Afternoon oil. What size and $? Also sawSeptember in the Wind in magazine same questions for it as well.

05.09.13Connie Richards

A while go it was either you or Edgewood that had 2 small paintings of yellow flowers in a field....are either still available? size? price? thanks Connie

05.02.13Mary Smrz

Hi Judi,

A friend of my recently purchased one of your boxes and gave it to me as a gift. I lve he box and would like to purchase one for my mother. My brother unepectedly died last month and I think the box would be a wonderful Mother's Day gift for her. He loved the woods and the outdoors so 'I'm hopng that you have somthing that might b depicted in one of your boxes. Could you please le me know how I can purchase one on-line. Thank you,Mary

04.23.13Kathleen Miller

Hi Judi,
I would love to purchase more of your work. Is your gallery open in Door County? Thanks, Kathy

04.13.13Barbara Frank

Dear Judi,
I have seen your recent paintings in the Edgewood Orchard Gallery's latest catalog and would love to see more. Is that the only gallery that exhibits them?

I can't figure out how to determine the size or price of your 2011 collection on this site. Perhaps you could also help me with that.

We live in Milwaukee and have a cabin on Chambers Island, so we are in Door County often during the summer and would enjoy seeing more examples of your work.

Thank you.
Barbara Frank
(cell) 262-389-0130

01.27.13Rich Brooks

Love your work. Looking for a piece for over our fireplace. Medium size. We summer in Door County and are looking for something that captures the spirit of the area. Flowers? Water? More bold than not. We have a boat in the area - my son works summers (high school) at Wilson's. Do you have anything? Thanks. Rich

12.08.12Linda Krouth

Tom and I are on a cruise. We return to Miami on Monday and I will call you.

Linda Krouth

11.20.12Amy Jones

Hello, I would like to inquire about "Looking outward" it's cost, with shipping etc. Thank you so much!

08.15.12Chris Bogart

Judi, I spoke with you earlier today about your tile pictures and the possibility of getting them without a frame. I'm not sure if I would prefer the 6 x 6 or 14 x 14, and wanted to see if it would be possible for hangers to be attached to the tiles before I purchased them. If you could let me know if this is possible and what the cost would be. I really enjoyed visiting your gallery and your work is beautiful! Thank you so much.

08.09.12Chris Bogart

I was in your shop and really liked the ceramic tiles you had on display. Is it possible to purchase these without a frame or with a color other than black? I was interested in the small as well as the larger size ones. Thank you.


What size is the tile?

03.27.12george headrick

Judi: I think it was California Dreaming. Thanks, Geo.

03.27.12george Headrick

Judy: 2-3 years ago you sent us an e-mail, enclosing one of your artworks. we have used it (until tonight) as our desktop artwork. Somehow, it's lost--into the electronic milieu. Do you have a record of that e-mail message and its attachment? Can you send it again? The artwork showed several rows of brightly colored flowers ---running off into the horizon- - -to a vanishing point. It was featured in your gallery the same year that we bought your daughter's book that had just been printed. Thank you. George Headrick

02.23.12Paul Hannuksela

Wow Judi ! I loved your landscapes and seascapes. All is wonderful. I will make a point to visit your gallery when I next visit the Door Peninsula.

02.19.12Dan Whittemore

Lovely work. I enjoyed very much my visit to your gallery.. Take care, Dan

01.27.12Connie Richards

Hi Judy, Was wondering how much the painteing Summer Shunshine is and what kind of frame it is in. ckr

12.29.11Carolyn Aoyama

I am interested in smaller pictures such as "Follow the Sun in Penninsula State Park", and "Growing Lavender".

I grew up in Sturgeon Bay and so Penninsula State Park, maples in fall, and all of the beauty of Door County are part of my childhood. I love your art and would like to talk about the possibility of your painting a scene in Penninsula State Park in the fall.

Also, if "The River Runs Through Yosemite" is still available I would like to purchase it.

I can be reached by phone at 301-443-1492 (work), 301-503-2810 (cell) or via my email at theaoyamas@starpower.net

Thank you so much.

Carolyn Aoyama

12.29.11Carolyn Aoyama

Hello Judi,
I love your art and am in a position to finally purchase some of it. I am wondering if any of the following are available:
"Growning Lavender"
"The Lavender Farm"
"The River Runs Through Yosemite"
"On Wandering Road"

Carolyn Aoyama

12.23.11Vivian Dawson

I have seen a painting of the beach at Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club by you on a post card sent by Realtor Jennifer Springs Rinden. You would be perfect as an exhibitor in our fourth annual Art on the Lake event at Miromar Lakes on Sunday, January 29, which is open to both residents and the public. I can imaging your painting(s) of Miromar Lakes would sell quicklyy. If you are interested, please visit our website, www.MiromarLakes.com and click on Art on the Lake on the left side. There is also a $1,000 Poster Design Contest. Last year watercolorist Patty Kane won with one of her works set at Miromar Lakes. I am the Director of Marketing for Miromar Development Corp. and my phone number is (239) 390-5139. I am leaving for the holidays shortly and will be back in the office on Dec. 29, but there is another contact person given on the exhibitor information. I hope you consider participating in the event!

09.28.11Mary Hamblet

Judi, your tile arrived and it is beautiful. I would like to order another possibly. Do you have the larger framed tile of "Always Yours" or "Dance, Dance, Dance" ?
Let me know or if you have a picture online of what tiles of that size that you do have that I could order from. Thank you.
Mary Hamblet 847-205-4536

09.17.11Jim & Kathy Ruedisueli

Hi Judi, My wife and I stopped in to visit your gallery in July. She really liked your smaller painting of Popies which is shown on your website home page. Just popies on a blue background. I don't see it anywhere else on your website. Is it still available? Thanks.

09.06.11Pam Dix


I hope you remember Brian and I (Brian and Pam Dix, friends of the Schwertfegers) we have purchased a total of three paintings from you over the past seven or eight years, most recently, we commissioned quite a large painting for over our den firplace - it is beautiful! Anyway, I have been working with Jean Elste(chairmen of the Wilson Center for the Arts Fall Fundraising Event and Fashion Show) Jean also happens to be my bosses wife. In any event, I was hoping that since the Wilson Center promotes the arts and that many of the women at the event do vacation in Door County, you may be interested in donating a piece. It doesn't need to be huge and we would most certainly be please to put your cards out. I hope you consider helping us help promote the arts. Thanks so very much.


08.15.11Ed & Kim Apfelbach

Hi Judi,
We are back in Milw for a few days (registering our kids for school, laundry & mail) before heading back to Fish Creek for another week before the end of the month. Hope to be back to your studio then to select a painting. Sorry to not have been able to stop in yesterday as we had hoped - we were busy packing, cleaning and saying goodbyes to extended family and lost track of time. We did stop at Edgewood Orchard on Saturday to see your paintings there, and decided we prefer the ones in your space so we will return.

I do want to place an order for one of your books; not sure if I can place an order online, phone you with my credit card or if I should mail you a check - please let me know how to proceed!

Thank you kindly, Kim "Westie"

Ed & Kim Apfelbach
2507 E. Shorewood Blvd.
Shorewood, WI 53211

06.28.11Kathy Miller

My husband and I will be in Door County on July 6th and 7th. Would there be a convenient time for us to visit your gallery?

06.15.11Polly Bertelsen

We have been coming to Door county for many years and love your paintings. We just can not afford the originals and I am hoping a few might be available in a print. I noticed there is one available on this website in a print. Are there any more available has a print? Thank you.

05.22.11Phil land

I have a painting by ronaldw ekhome called model boat done in 1972 and the only info I could find was on super stock.com and they had a picture of this painting. do you anything obout this artist or the paiting? any info would be great. Thanks Phil

05.12.11Jeffrey Clonts

My parents and siblings have collected your work. I have one of your pieces that was my Mom's and was passed to me. I look forward to seeing your new work.

05.11.11Wallace N. Weber

Love your work!


I love your paintings! Are there more prints available at your gallery than the one on the website, or are they all originals?

11.12.10Suzanne Rose

Hi Judi,

I would like to invite you to a group show at Peninsula School of Art...
Saturday November 13 - 5 to 7pm

I'm debuting new work

Hope to see you there

Also - I may be so bold - may I have your email address to add to my select group of Door County contacts?

It would be greatly appreciated!

Suzanne Rose

10.25.10Doug and Heather Tirzmalis

Hi Judi and good afternoon. I hope you remember me as I don't know how many 6'7" clients you have that purchased 18 of yours and Bobs paintings. I was talking to our advertising gal today (and bragging about you) who visits door county at least yearly. I told her of your studio in Fish Creek. I had a few moments so I wanted to show her your work as I am sure she has seen it before in her travels through Door County. In Googling you and Bob I was saddened to learn of Bob's passing. I am more than a little shocked as I never knew he was in his 80's. Always struck me as in his 50's, though the last time we saw you was on or near 9/11/01. Heather and I's prayers go out to you. He was a great man and the Eckholm team must be fealing the same great loss your loyal clients and admirers are feeling. Take care Judi and I hope it won't be another 9 years until we see you again.

Best Regards, -Douglas and Heather (and Gracie) Tirzmalis

PS, I love your recent works. The Reds and the undualting backrounds are beautiful and new at least to me. Bob will truly be missed... and remembered for his great love of nature and his compassion for all things Door County

09.26.10Sherri Burritt

Love your work.


I'm appraising one of your paintings - that was purchased from Wildwood Studios in Door County, Wisconsin a number of years ago. I'd like to talk with you about this painting prior to putting a value on it.

Please give me a phone # and I'll call you.

Pat Rittenmeyer

06.30.10Rick Blaha

Hello Judi - we are up in Door county this weekend - how is our painting coming along?

04.01.10Debra Stamp

Your paintings make me smile... vibrant colors, dancing lines, perfect subjects! Happy I stumbled on your work and look forward to following you.

03.30.10Deanna Wurm (Karen Dugan's daughter)

My mom always said what a wonderful painter you were and she was dead on! Your work is incredible! From the time I was a little girl, mom has always told me about when she would go with you and read while you painted. She always knew that you would do well and she was right! She is so proud of you! She really wants one of your paintings but can't afford one. Maybe some day she will and will proudly display it on their wall. Thanks for the great memories you gave mom. Sincerely, Deanna Wurm (Karen (Dugan) Newby's daughter.


Hello, Judi, I am an art director with Spellman Brady & Co, I work for them out of Chicago and the main office is in St. Louis. We are an interiors planning firm which provides design, furniture, fixtures and art procurement/art masterplanning for healthcare and higher learning/libraries. We are collaborating on a small WI hospital and are looking for Wisconsin artists for our client to consider.

Would you be interested in sending me some jpgs or a CD with images of a sampling of your landscapes, plus a price list? We typically present a selection of different artists we think would be a good fit. It is up to our client to make the final decision. If you\\\'d like we would keep your info on file for any future clients who would be a good fit for your art.

My ph# is 773-308-6487

If you\\\'d like to send any printed info or a CD with samples of your work, please send it to Dionna Raedeke, Spellman Brady & Co., 8339 Maryland Ave., Suite 101, St. Louis, MO 63105

Phone SB&C in St. Louis, 314-862-0070

03.11.10Anne Ruck

Judi, Your web site is terrific! Loved your paintings "California Dreaming" and the field of lavender. Anne rUCK

03.02.10Connie Richards

Looking for a poppy painiting......

02.02.10John David Smith

Really enjoy you work. The color & style are wonderful.

01.19.10David Menendez

Saw you on facebook and went to website. Your work is strikingly beautiful with colors and great subject matter.

12.28.09Carol K. Wells

I look forward to seeing your new works and hope someday to have an original



I saw a beautiful painting in Door County called August in Door County II and I'm wondering if there are any prints available for this painting. I'd love to have it but am unable to buy the original at this time....


10.10.09Nancy Schoenemann

Hi, Judi: Just wanted to keep you updated on the present location of one of your masterpieces; we call it 'Door County Turning' which I think is close to the name you gave it. My mom, Ilona Kombrink, bought it from you, gosh, more than 20 years ago, I would say. Mom has moved into a assisted-living facility and I have brought the painting home to Leavenworth, KS. I have always said that that painting refuses to be left in the dark if there's someone in the room that should be looking at it. The lights must be turned on! My husband and I have always loved the painting (after all, I'm the one who spotted it in the Blue Dolphin and told Mom she must have it. and you very kindly brought it down to Madison for her to see). We will treasure it!

08.06.09Sheila Fisher

I am interested in purchasing an oil painting for my husband's 60th birthday in September. The wall area for the painting is only 47" wide and could probably handle a height of 50" plus or minus a few inches. Can you provide photos of work that would fit this area? Thanks.

07.07.09k miller

I am very anxious to see your work! Thank you!

07.05.09denise cole

can you please tell me the size and price of your oil entitled "goltermann"

07.04.09Frankie Johnson

Hi, I was wondering if you would update my address.
It has changed from 1216 Kylemore Dr., Lake Zurich, IL 60047

It is now:
105 Forest Ave., Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Frankie Johnson
Thank you

06.25.09Jennifer Springer

Pls. add me to the mailing list.

06.16.09Sylvia Pratt

Beautiful show at Edgewood. Sorry that Bob wasn't up to making his appearance. I hope he is well.
Just wandered all through your web site. It's easy to navigate and the paintings really look gorgeous -- even in miniature.
I realize this is a sales site, but today I'm just chatting.

06.06.09John Suess

I was just in DC last weekend and visited the galley. I also noticed that there will be a demo later on in June by Judi. Is it possible that might be videotaped and available later on (since I cannot make it back there this year). I'd love to see her techniques in action.

Thank you.


Congrats on the new website, Judi. Nicely done. I look forward to your Edgewood Orchard show, & one day, my very own 'fleurs'.
All best,

05.27.09Cherith Anderson

Judi, I'd like to talk with you about doing a painting demonstration for an Elderhostel group at the Wagon Trail Resort (or at your gallery, if we'll fit). I have a group of 12 coming in June and another group of 10 in July. They'll be in Door County for a "Gateway to the Arts" program, learning about the tremendous arts scene and attending several theatre and musical performances. I would like to include you -- and / or Robert? -- as examples of the area's masters. Your work is just beautiful! Please contact me to talk further. 262-248-3600, x309 Thank you, Cherith Anderson, Asst. Director of Adult Education / Elderhostel Programs for Covenant Harbor Bible Camp

05.17.09Dennis & Susan Garrity

We have been fortunate enough to acquire several of Judi & Robert Ekholms extraordinary paintings over the years. Being partial to the Impressionistic style, we continue to amazed at the depth of qualioty and life breathed into these glorious works of art. It is like having the works of the finest Impressionist Masters hanging in our home and at our offices.

05.15.09Shelley Krispin

Cost of the Iris print?

04.30.09J Rinden

just recently purchased a Judi Ekholm painting for my home in Florida. I can't not tell you how wonderful it is to wake up every morning and see her beautiful painting. It is so full of life. Thank you!